Workflow Scripting

Workflow Scripting

Create Multiple Scripts

There is no limit to the number of scripts you can create. You can create scripts for both inbound and outbound calls. Tailor scripts depending on where the prospect resides in the workflow.

Reuse common sections of scripts in different scripts. If you make a change to a common section all the scripts that use it will be updated.

Modify and test your scripts before they are published to agents. Once a script has been published it can be reverted back to a previous version if required.

Perform Actions During Calls

Scripts consist of separate activities which are linked to each other to create a flow that the agent follows during a call. The most common activity is the Script Page which is used to display text on screen and collect information from the prospect. Other activities can be used in your scripts which enable agents to;

  • Book appointments
  • Process payments
  • Perform address lookups
  • Generate emails and letters from pre-defined templates
  • Post prospect information into your CRM

You can even create your own custom activities using Microsoft .Net which can perform any action you choose, such as integrating with your internal systems or calling external web services.

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