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Using the First Contact Script Activity

There are two types of SDK usage which allows for various features to be programmatically accessed. The first one is UI SDK, which relates to modifying the script using custom activities.

In First Contact, a script is made up of a number of activities that are chained together. There are two types of activity:

  • Non-interactive – An activity that performs some kind of processing, but does not provide a user interface to the user

  • Interactive – An activity that provides a user interface which is displayed to the user

Administrators can extend the capabilities of their scripts by creating custom activities which are uploaded to the First Contact server. These activities will then appear in the script designer ToolBox, and can be used just like the standard activities which are supplied with First Contact.

There are various pre-requisites for creating custom activities. Firstly, you will need to use Visual Studio to create your own custom activities. Activities are classes created using Microsoft .Net. First Contact provides an SDK that includes the interfaces that must be implemented so that your activities can be used by First Contact.


Using the First Contact Public Web Service

The is the other type of SDK usage which is the API and it relates to using First Contact's web service. The web service has been built using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). In Visual Studio, once you have added a Service Reference to the public web service, a class that devices from ClientBase is generated which is used to access the service.

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First Contact has a uniquely powerful scripting engine that allows managers to design an effective script for telemarketers and customer service agents to follow.

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You can integrate your call scripting software with Telecoms and CRM, if you wish to improve the efficiency of outbound and inbound telemarketing campaigns, or customer service interaction.

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