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Delivering enhanced MI & BI that enables you to understand how your business is performing for real time and historic trend analysis.


The reporting system is a portal in which administrators (and standard users with report level access) can use to query their campaigns and prospect data. It also comes in handy for assessing agent performance, monitoring campaign exhaustion, expose appointment and event booking information, marketing analysis and payment/transaction reports.

Most reports have parameters (filters) which can be customised before execution, some even have linked data which allow you to view sub-reports which show even more detailed information. If there’s a report you need that is specific to your business and isn’t included with First Contact we can make custom reports just for you.


Campaign Analysis

First Contact provides a call centre with extensive reporting options, giving users access to a browser-based reporting system and a wide range of reports in a variety of categories.

Campaign analysis reports include:

  • Active Users
  • Campaign Exhaustion
  • Do not call list numbers
  • Prospects added trend
  • Prospects by status
Campaign Analysis

Call Statistics

The way you configure First Contact and the flow of your prospects throughout their life in your system will allow you to report on data in different ways. If you take leads which result in sales, you can see their journey throughout the system using reports. From the first discussion with one of your agents to the taking of payments or on-site appointment visits, it’s all there and easily accessible. The flexibility of First Contact will allow you to tweak and rework this flow at any time without any downtime or data loss.

The dashboard reports, some of which are shown below are geared displaying real time data on the big screen but it’s as simple as drag and drop to rearrange or add new data to them. The dashboard is capable of displaying many reports across multiple tabs and can auto-refresh. Each report dragged on to the screen can be customised to show not only filtered data but also change the display type (such as bar chart or line graph).

Call Statistics


Payment value and transaction reports are available, and like the other reports these are available in the report manager. The following payments reports are currently available:

  • Payment Transaction Listing - provide you with a list of successful payments
  • Value by Agent - shows the total value of successful payment transactions for each agent.
  • Value by Campaign - shows the total value of successful payment transactions for each campaign.
  • Value Trend - shows the total value of successful payment transactions for a given date range.

How to use it

First Contact has a uniquely powerful scripting engine that allows managers to design an effective script for telemarketers and customer service agents to follow.

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You can integrate your call scripting software with Telecoms and CRM, if you wish to improve the efficiency of outbound and inbound telemarketing campaigns, or customer service interaction.

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