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In the aggressively competitive insurance industry, customer retention is vital. For a very affordable, monthly pay-as-you-go fee, First Contact can boost customer satisfaction, lower your costs and drive up sales.

First Contact routes customers to the most appropriate agent, supplying them with the information they need as soon as the call arrives so that callers don’t have to keep reissuing the same information.

By routing calls intelligently to the right agent, First Contact allows insurance firms to maximise up- and cross-sales opportunities. Customer satisfaction and retention levels are shown to be higher when advice is felt to have been well timed and relevant. First Contact exploits this scenario to drive up service levels while boosting sales – all without any upfront capital investment, thanks to our hosted delivery model.

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First Contact has a uniquely powerful scripting engine that allows managers to design an effective script for telemarketers and customer service agents to follow.

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You can integrate your call scripting software with Telecoms and CRM, if you wish to improve the efficiency of outbound and inbound telemarketing campaigns, or customer service interaction.

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