Contact Centre Channel Integration

This provides you with the necessary integration with the rest of your business to improve your customers' experience.

This means that you get the cloud based call scripting software solution with integration with your existing telephony and CRM (all major telphony is supported).

Agent Log On & Control

First Contact provides comprehensive access control for Agents to call scripts and campaigns. First Contact supports authentication plugins which allows for single sign-on (SSO) to third party systems.

Agent Log On

Outbound - Preview & Progressive

First Contact can integrate with numerous telephony platforms, and can be extended to support any telephone system with a suitable API. Dialler activities can be embedded in script flows, allowing for automated or click to call dialling workflows.


First Contact provides the ability to quickly and easily search for existing prospects when handling incoming call queues. It can also automatically search for prospects based on the incoming CLI reported from your telephony platform.

The benefits are quicker response times for dealing with customers issues/history.


Blended Contact

First Contact allows an agent dealing with both incoming and outgoing calls to quickly and easily manage this workload.

Blended Contact

How to use it

First Contact has a uniquely powerful scripting engine that allows managers to design an effective script for telemarketers and customer service agents to follow.

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You can integrate your call scripting software with Telecoms and CRM, if you wish to improve the efficiency of outbound and inbound telemarketing campaigns, or customer service interaction.

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