Campaign Management Solution

Campaign Management

Increase your business' prospects

First Contact provides you with everything you need to ensure your campaigns run smoothly. You have complete control of how prospects are assigned to agents.

Within each campaign, prospects may be grouped into different call lists. These call lists can then be used to change the order that prospects are assigned to agents.

Create customized, branch-based, scripts that guide agents through each call. Agents use these scripts to collect information and follow the flow of the call depending on the responses entered.

Managers can report on campaign performance, track the progress of every prospect and monitor agent activity in real time.

    A few of the benefits:

  • No infrastructure costs
  • Ease of use
  • Unlimited

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First contact is the 'glue' for any organisation that wishes to improve the efficieny of their outbound and inbound telemarketing campaigns or customer service interaction by connecting telecoms, scripting and CRM.

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