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First Contact came about in 2009 in response to many years of building “bespoke” CRM and Call Centre management software for a number of high profile clients.

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We wanted to build a system that enabled our clients’ agents to follow clear, intuitive paths through calls, collecting relevant data and supporting their CRM efforts along the way. Administrators wanted greater visibility to monitor agent and campaign performance, and business owners just wanted maximum productivity and returns. We figured that in this case, it was time to build a consolidated product that catered for these consistent requirements and create a product that met the combined needs of our customers. So we did just that and First Contact was born.

We know that there are a number of solutions on the market that you could choose from. All claim to make call processing quicker, simpler and more profitable, so your decision becomes more difficult.

When developing First Contact, we decided to focus on core functions, clarity and ease of use. We created a system that delivers user interfaces and tools which do the important things perfectly and don’t fill your head with buzz-words and jargon.

Challenge us to setup your process in First Contact and let us demonstrate how our software can deliver the difference you’re looking for. Get in touch today. Welcome to our business, where your first contact matters

How to use it

First Contact has a uniquely powerful scripting engine that allows managers to design an effective script for telemarketers and customer service agents to follow.

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You can integrate your call scripting software with Telecoms and CRM, if you wish to improve the efficiency of outbound and inbound telemarketing campaigns, or customer service interaction.

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